What Are the Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT in 2024?

We may feel that we need an assistant especially when we have a lot of jobs to do and don't have enough time for it. We really can't do that and this idea will not be accepted by the HR side either, but we can have a smart AI bot to help us.

It can solve different types of math problems, find the name of the song that we don't remember a lot of its words, and of course, write our emails in a very creative way that we cannot do at the same time.

If we ask you or anyone else in the world for a suggestion for this assistance, most of the time the answer will be ChatGPT, right?

But, ChatGPT is not the only AI assistance that can help us, there are plenty of other AI tools like ChatGPT that can do that as well.

In this article, we will take you through 10 AI tools like chat GPT to choose from, so let's get into it.

10 Ai Tools like ChatGPT

Google Bard

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While the architectural design of Google's Gemini AI model and OpenAI's GPT is comparable, there is a discernible difference between the two language models' actual capabilities. In any case, Google is constantly working to improve the chatbot's functionality so that it can compete with ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT, Gemini has just been enhanced with new capabilities that allow it to produce beautiful AI photos.

Even while Gemini is a very strong tool on its own, ChatGPT has the benefit of using a model that has undergone multiple iterations of qualitative enhancement.

However, Google is also working to improve its chatbot, so we believe that Bard or Gemini is worth a try.


YouChat is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT because it is a search engine and a Chatbot at the same time, so you can use it to search for a specific query or to start a new conversation.

it is powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 AI model, so the abilities of AI are still there.

there are a few key points to why Youchat is a good choice for you:

  • a search engine powered by AI.
  • it can get the latest data available on the web.
  • it can give you the source of the data it provided.


Github website on desktop

GitHub's Copilot is the ideal tool for web developers. It can analyze the context of both, the file you are editing and the related files as well.

It also provides suggestions from within your text editor. Even the most seasoned programmers may save time with it, and it is ideal for beginners.

There are a few key points as to why Copilot is a good choice for you:

  • It is developed by GitHub.
  • You can use it within your code editor.
  • It supports plenty of programming languages.

But at the same time, it is not free, with prices starting at $10 a month.


Jasper.ai is a tool that was developed to make creating high-quality content easier for everyone, especially for content creators and marketers, besides businesses. What are the features that make it worth trying? Let's figure them out:

  • It can maintain your brand voice in your content.
  • It can generate different types of written content like product descriptions and blog posts.
  • It offers a chatbot that makes it a good alternative to ChatGPT.
  • It offers a useful Chrome extension, making using its features easy directly from your browser.


Another alternative for ChatGPT is ChatSonic, it is a chatbot that you can use very easily. You just need an email to start using it.

Some of the key points that make it worth trying are:

  • It uses GPT-4 and Google to keep its information fresh and up-to-date.
  • It offers 10,000 AI-written words for free, but these 10,000 words are not powered by GPT-4.
  • It offers SEO-friendly written content, which means it requires less modification from you.

Quora Poe

When it comes to Poe, we can say it's a collection of AI chatbots available in one place.

This collection contains the following chatbots and more:

  • Chat GPT
  • GPT-4
  • Claude-instant

So, you can try any one of them from one place.There are a few key points to note about Poe:

  • It has a collection of chatbots in one place.
  • There is a free version.

However, you will not get the same quality if you use any of those chatbots individually. Additionally, it has a paid plan for $20 a month, which is not a lot considering the number of chatbots you can access.

Chat by Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI chatbot tool that excels in sales and marketing. It offers several impressive features in its free plan, including:

  • Ad copy creation
  • Blog post creation
  • Brainstorming assistance

It can also work with AI models like GPT-4 and Azure. However, it does have some drawbacks. The generated content may still require modification (not a significant issue), and its paid plan is pricier than some other AI chatbots.


Claude AI has several advantages over ChatGPT, including

  • a larger context length
  • a more recent knowledge base
  • improved creative writing capabilities.

However, Claude AI also has some limitations, such as its limited world knowledge. Additionally, it offers both a free and paid version.


When searching for AI tools like ChatGPT, Replika is an AI chatbot worth considering.

Replika acts like a friend for the users, so it helps them to feel better through conversation.

It has some very good key points that you should know, and they are:

  • It can act like a romantic partner.
  • Its ability to generate answers looks natural.
  • It supports video calls.


Elicit is a good choice when it comes to AI tools like chatGPT, because of the following features it has:

  • It prioritizes the integrity and veracity of the source while producing very effective summaries of information.
  • You can rapidly access a vast publication collection that is pertinent to your question with Elicit.
  • It can also provide answers to research inquiries.


What Are the Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT in 2024?

Below is a list of 10 AI-powered tools that are similar to ChatGPT. We hope you find them useful:

  1.  Google Bard
  2.  YouChat
  3.  Copilot
  4.  Jasper
  5.  Writesonic
  6.  Poe
  7.  Chat by Copy AI
  8.  Claude
  9.  Replika 
  10.  Elicit

You can explore these tools and choose one or more that suit your needs.

What is the future of AI tools, including new trends and expected developments?

AI can help businesses make better decisions quickly with predictive analytics, leading to reduced expenses and increased operational efficiency.

AI may affect every aspect of our lives in the next 10 years, it can enhance productivity and greater availability of educational opportunities.

this is the end of our article about 10 AI tools like chatGPT, we hope you found this information helpful.

if you have any questions about one or more of the AI tools mentioned in the article, feel free to ask in the comment section down below.

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